The activity of "AROSA" Ltd. is cover:

  • Economic and financial analysis of investment projects on construction fields

  • Civil and industrial buildings design and construction supervision

  • Water supply and irrigation systems design and construction supervision

  • Railway, road, bridges and tunnel design and construction supervision


Design services

  • Preliminary studying of project including project's technical and engineering aspects, economic and financial analysis of investment to project

  • Existing structures investigation, developing of proposals for structure rehabilitation, reconstruction and strengthening

  • Developing of architecture and interior design

  • Developing of new structures detail design including structure analysis, drawings preparation

Construction supervision services

  • Construction works scope control

  • Construction materials quality control (laboratory testing, non-destructive testing on the site)

  • Control of structure assembling process including of the welded joints ultrasonic tests

  • Control of as-built structures layouts and clearance profiles


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